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Meet Leon Abel, Master Watchmaker
If you had an heirloom pocket watch or high end wrist watch, think Rolex or Patek Philippe, that needed repair, would you go to large faceless corporate jewelry department, to get it fixed? Of course not. You would go to a watchmaker that owns his own business, who you speak to in person about your watch and has all the skills and experience to repair it as good as new.
Meet Leon Abel, who has been repairing and making watches since 1966. He was 11, it was a Cyma, a Swiss made watch that is still owned by Abel’s sister. Attending schools in 3 states, he was the youngest watchmaker to be licensed in Florida. “I took a board exam, where 3 or 4 master watchmakers asked me questions for 8 hours about watch theory. The second day they gave me 3 watches to fix,” Able explains.
He prefers to work on watches that go tick tock, not just tick. Says Abel, “Watchmaking was an art until 1974 when the first quartz watch was introduced. Now they are a little computer that happens to keep time.” Abel will replace your battery and change your watchband, but he can also make parts to repair heirlooms and antiques. “I am a full service watchmaker. I can repair and refurbish your watch.”
If you prefer a real, live chronometer and need to keep it maintained, Leon Able at Able Watch Repair can help you.